Vinylhouse does not check the Content. Customer shall be solely and fully responsible and liable for the Content they provide.
The use of the Product by Buyer shall be entirely at the own responsibility .
Content that customer provide must not infringe intellectual property rights.

Audio content transferred to vinyl is for personal use only.
You may not sell or publicly play the single-copy vinyls.

It consists in the transfer from a digital or analog audio master to a vinyl directly on a virgin pvc disc via a diamond needle.
The vinyl cutting process (in a single copy) represents a copy of the master.
The vinyl created will have resistance and a sound comparable to a Normal vinyl.

Follow these simple instructions:
Create a folder with your name.
Insert 3 more folders into the created folder, naming them:
Side A
Side B

Like that:


File audio: MP3 ,WAV,  AIFF, FLAC.

jpeg, pdf.
Optimal resolution 3500x3500 pixel

Paypal (+ 3% on the total amount)
Bank transfer.

Normally the order is processed in 15 days.

The audio quality is very similar. The only difference to a printed disc is a slightly louder background noise (better result with black vinyl).